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Carpets are a big investment in the house and no one wants their carpet to suffer any damage. If your carpet is in a condition to get damage or it has already got the damage then you can get the help of carpet technicians. Thumbs Up Cleaning is a company which provides the best carpet repairing professionals in Brisbane. We are the best in this service because we can change the complete look of your damaged carpet and the repaired part will not be noticeable at all. For booking and queries, you can call on 0488 849 963.
Carpet Repair Brisbane

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    Our Expertise And Carpet Repair Services

    Thumbs Up Cleaning is not just for name, when you will get the service from us you will see our real worth. Our professionals are known for their fine art of carpet repairing in Brisbane. Let us see what we can change in your carpets:

    Pet Carpet Damage Repair

    Dogs and cats are in every house and they love to play on the carpet. In the meantime, they can also damage your carpet with their claws and paws. If this is the case, you can get the help of our professionals in Brisbane to fix your carpet.

    Carpet Repair and Carpet Dyeing

    Old carpets can lose their colour and then they will not look good to anyone. Our team for Carpet Repair Brisbane is available to fix the damage as well as dye the carpet fibres to regain the colour.

    Water Damage Carpet Repair

    The combination of water and dirt on the carpet is not good, and this is what happens when you have a water damage condition. Our professionals are available 24*7 hours to repair and restore such carpets.

    Carpet Repair and Patching

    The common carpet problems like holes, small burns and damages are repaired by patching. In this method, we remove the damaged portion of the carpet and replace it with a patch.

    Carpet Moth Damage Repair

    Moths can grow into your carpet because of many reasons and we are unknown to it. You need not worry about this because our professionals can easily fix the carpet moth damage and save your carpet.

    Carpet Beetle Damage Repair

    Beetles can harm you and your carpet health if they are near you or in your carpet. We have a service to eliminate beetles from the carpet and fix the damage done by them. Feel free to contact us anytime for the service.

    Carpet Tightening And Restretching

    Carpets with rips and wrinkles look good to none and we are here to fix these carpet problems. We have a team for Carpet Tightening And Restretching and they have years of experience and skills in the same.

    Carpet Hole Repair

    Seeing holes in the carpet that means your carpet is ready for big damage. We suggest you get carpet hole repair service and save your carpet. Our professionals are ready to fix carpet holes with patches and stop further damage.

    Carpet Invisible Mending

    This is a technique to repair and fix minor burns, holes and cuts in the carpet. Our professionals are masters in Carpet Invisible Mending and we have done this service for many clients and saved their carpet.

    Carpet Seams Repair

    Over the passage of time, it is very common to see fraying seams from the carpet. If the case is the same in your carpet then you can take the service from our professionals. We have expertise in fixing carpet joints and splits.

    Repair Carpet Burns

    Several reasons are possible for your carpet burns but the thing matters are how promptly you act to save your carpet. The easiest way is to call us and get our professionals at your place for carpet burn repair.

    Fix The Carpet Mould

    Whether mould is due to water seepage or moisture in the house and carpet, we have a way to fix your carpet moulds. Our professionals will help you with it and save your carpet from the damage. Call us anytime and get timely help.

    Carpet Stains Repair

    Some stains on the carpet become permanent and damage the carpet fibres and colour. We can fix the damage as well as colour. Our team for carpet stain repair is available for any time and anywhere in Brisbane. We just need a call from you.

    Carpet Installation Issues

    If there are any installation issues in the carpet then also your carpet can get early damage. Our team for Carpet Repair Brisbane is helpful and useful in both repairing as well as re-installation. You can call on 0488 849 963 to get in touch with us.

    esidential And Commercial Repairing Brisbane

    Repairing Carpets At Residential And Commercial Places In Brisbane

    Thumbs Up Cleaning is a name which can help you with carpet repairing service at both Residential And Commercial Places In Brisbane. We have a complete arrangement to fix every type of carpet repair problems. Our professionals have expertise in every domain of carpet repairing and we are available for you all seven days.

    Why Choose Thumbs Up Cleaning For Carpet Repair Brisbane?

    Thumbs Up Cleaning is a leading and reliable company for providing carpet repair and carpet cleaning services in Brisbane. We own the team of best professionals available for this work in Brisbane. Here are more reasons for which customers like us:

    • We are available for them 24*7 hours and answer their queries successfully every time.
    • Our professionals are certified and have years of experience in the service.
    • Prices and service quality are always in a good ratio.
    • Free quotes and discounts are available.
    • We become more responsive to you when you have an emergency situation. Our professionals can reach your place within an hour of booking.
    Carpet Repair Services Brisbane
    So, wait no more and whenever you feel the need for a carpet repairing professional in Brisbane then dial on 0488 849 963.


    Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia


    Can you fix the carpet iron burns?

    Yes, our professionals are available for you and your carpet repair work only. We can fix both small and big carpet iron burns.

    How do you fix the fraying seams in the carpet?

    To fix the fraying seams in the carpet, we cut the splitted fibres and then stitch the joints and seams with the help of thread and needle.

    Do you provide same day service for carpet repair in Brisbane?

    Yes, we are available to provide the carpet repair service on the same day of booking in Brisbane. Call us and get the needed service at the right time.