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It is very important to keep your carpets in a good condition as they are the most beautiful and convenient decor of any home or office. If you do not regularly clean your carpets then there’s a chance it becomes the home of dirt, allergens and stains. These contaminants can cause some serious health issues to users of carpets. Regular vacuuming will not help in deep cleaning the carpet and if you want to remove all the dirt and allergens from it then it needs a thorough clean. There are many methods through which you can clean your carpet such as dry cleaning, steam cleaning, shampooing and so on. Carpet steam cleaning is considered as one of the best and effective methods. Now the question is how to steam clean the carpets? Below is the best way to steam clean a carpet efficiently.

Best Method For Carpet Steam Cleaning
Best Method For Carpet Steam Cleaning

Best Method For Carpet Steam Cleaning

Step 1: Move The Furniture Out Of Your Room

The first thing you have to do is move the furniture out of your room. Furniture can be a barrier while cleaning the carpet. So to clean without any disturbance it is necessary to shift your upholstery into the other room. Do not keep any furniture in that room. After moving the furniture clean the room properly and especially the floor for effective carpet cleaning. 

Step 2: Ceiling And Dashboard Dusting

You may be wondering why it is necessary to dust the ceiling and dashboards? It is important to know that there may be some dust present on your fans, ceiling and dashboards which can fall on your carpet once you’re done with steam cleaning. To be on the safer side and complete carpet cleaning, dust the dashboards and fans properly before you perform the Carpet Cleaning Merrylands

Step 3: Carpet Vacuuming: 

Once you’re done with moving the furniture and cleaning your ceiling, plug in the vacuum. Do a thorough vacuuming and make sure all the loose particles are removed from the carpet. Vacuuming will help in getting rid of all the dirt particles, pet hair and so on. Make sure you are choosing the best vacuum machine available in the market so that it will clean the carpet in a better way. 

Step 4: Apply Stain Remover On Specific Spots

In the next step, you have to use a stain remover to blot the specific spots which you find on the carpet. Steamers cannot go deep and take the stains out so you have to apply stain removers and then blot it firmly. While performing this task make sure you are just dabbing and removing the solution. Do not scrub as it will go deep into the carpet and the situation may go worse. 

Step 5: Hot Water Filling In Steamers

Most of the steamers are very easy to operate, all you have to do is fill the steamers with hot water. Read the directions properly and then fill the steamers according to it. Do not use cold water as it will not clean the carpet. There will be a line marked on the steamers up to which it should be filled. There are many carpets which can get shrink with hot water so be careful and know the type of fabric your carpet is made up of. If your carpet fabric is suitable for steam cleaning then go ahead. 

Step 6: Add The Solution

After filling the steamer, you have to add the soap as directed in the manual. Read how much amount of detergent is to be added and then go for it. Different types of steam cleaning machines have different rules such some direct to mix the soap directly into water and some have a different place for the solution. So it is necessary to read the instructions and then add the soap. There are many homeowners who don’t want to use chemicals or detergents and want to go for a natural solution, they can use a vinegar solution. Vinegar is a superb and natural solution to steam clean the carpet. Instead of using detergent you can make use of vinegar. You can add 50/50 amount of vinegar solution in the hot water for cleaning the carpet in an effective manner. 

Step 7: Start Steaming Carpet: 

Choose the corner and then start the machine for steaming. First, start with the entrance corner and then move towards the end. Use proper technique to clean the carpet. Clean small areas and just like that move to other areas. Go slowly do not rush so that the solution goes deeply into the fibre and works properly. Read the instructions whether you just have to push the machine and leave or pull it back so that it can suck the dirty water. Follow the method which is mentioned in the manual. One more thing which you have to be careful about is to make sure you do not walk on the side which you have is cleaned walk behind the machine and keep moving forward. 

Step 8: Let The Carpet Dry

In the end, let your carpet dry. On the fans and leave all your windows open. Make sure you are completely drying the carpet and then putting it into use. Do not use it if it is wet as there is a chance of mould formation. It will take 20-24 hours to dry. Keep patience and do not allow any of your family member to step into the carpet room.

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